Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I'm sure you all know I trek out to the city every Saturday to sarge (pick up girls). And the previous Saturday was fun as usual.

The planned meet-up time was at 11am. I easily killed that by 3 hours. I woke up late and on top of that, I wanted to have a decent breakfast. When I finally did make it to the city. The guys that were already there were telling me about what happened. They were sarging at Central station. It was set-rich according to them and they were approaching left, right and center. There was an old lady sitting nearby them and after about 20 minutes, she thought they were dealing drugs and/or harassing women and called the cops. Cops came and pretty much interrogated them. Got their details down and everything. It killed the next few hours for them. One guys even left early because he took it in pretty bad. This created a bad vibe and energy within the group and eventually the whole group was doing shit.

That didn't matter though. We picked it up later in the day and turned out to be a fun night. First off, one of the guys in our group opened a single set and ended up getting an instant date with her. While that was going down, me and the rest of the group decided to head off deeper into the city. We still couldn't muster the energy to open on our own will, so we took it upon ourselves to start up a Round-Robin. To put it briefly, it's a game where the group will point out a set, and you HAVE to open. It's a fun game and always works in getting the ball rolling. So a few hours of that and we're feeling pretty good. Off to World Square we go.

The guys open a few sets. I eventually spot a 2-set walking. They were dressed up and looked fine. I come alongside them and I make sure I grabbed their attention before I say anything. One of them look my way and I open. Before I go into the transcript, I'll make a point. A majority of what you say actually comes from your body. According to statistics (which I'm not too sure is exactly correct), 80% of what you say alone is from your body language. And this is something that's been occupying my mind lately when I go out sarging. Anyway. Here's how it went down.

Me: "Hey guys. My friend just dared me to talk to you guys at least 2 minutes. And if I don't, I lose $20."
They smile. At which point, I knew I was in.
Her: "Ok."
Me: "I'm Victor." [Extends hand]

They introduce themselves with Japanese names, so I take the opportunity and use it as a a conversational thread. I inquire a bit about them. After a bit more chatter, one of my wingmen comes in. I introduce him. He knew which one my target was, so he tended to the other girl. We talked for a bit and my target asked us if we could recommend them some good clubs. They told us they were planning to go grab a bite at Star Bar and then head off clubbing.

Me: "You guys get sick of Asian food or something?"
They laughed and my wingman jumps in.
Him: "Do you guys like Kimuchi?"

Of course he had the wrong name and they corrected him on it actually being 'Kimchi', and that it's Korean and not Japanese. We split the set and talk furthermore. Then my target turns around and says to my wingman: "Oh sorry. She doesn't speak English very well." She then asked us if we knew any Japanese. My friend didn't, but I tried the best I could.

Me: "I know 'arigatou'. And uh, kimochi."
They both looked at me and gave this intriguing smile wondering if I actually knew what I was talking about. I knew that I was stepping into sexual-innuendo territory.
Me: "Kimochi-ii."

They both cracked up and my target playfully slapped her friend on the shoulder and said something in Japanese. Heh. It was my first time trying sexual innuendo, and it was in another language! It worked out in my favor and I was glad. We walked them to Star Bar. I shoot for the number-close and get it. This next part threw me off a fair bit. Usually when I get the number, I save it into my contacts and put my phone away. After she said something to her friend, she looked back at me and said "Have you called me yet?" I was confused. I thought to myself: did I really build this much rapport with her? I guess I did, because I called her, I followed with "Hey. I think you're really cute and I'd love something to remember you by. Would it be ok with you to grab a photo?" She agreed. We got a random to take the photo and then we bid adie├║. I wouldn't mind seeing them again sometime. Too bad they were much older than me. Specifically speaking, they were 26 and 31. And they didn't know my age. :P

We crossed the road and as we were talking amongst ourselves while walking, I spot this 3-set of cute Asians. We walked past them a fair bit and eventually I was like "Fuck it" and walked back and opened them with my wingman.

Me: "Hey guys. Quick question. Me and my friend here were in a bet, and he lost. Now I can't think of a good dare for him to do. But you guys seem like fun, what do you recommend?"
They all give their input, at which point I say.
Me: "Haha, you guys are cool. What are your names?" and I extend my hand.

The interaction went really well. We have this rule. The rule is: If there are more girls than guys, anyone else can come in to match the numbers. So, 3 girls, and 2 guys. And another one enters. We split the set up. One girl each and I was doing really well with my target. Ten minutes of conversation pass and I ask:

Me: [Smiles] "Has it been long enough to do the number thing?" [Pulls out phone]
Her: [Smiles] Sorry. I don't give my number out to randoms. But I'll let you add me on Facebook."
Me: "Fair enough. What was your name again?"
Her: "Ok, I lied. My name isn't actually Sarah. It's Sissy."

This brought up another conversational thread. We ended up talking for another 10 minutes and I'm like: "You know what. I think you're a pretty genuine girl. Let's play a game. If you lose, you owe me your number." She laughs and agrees. I go into my 5-Lies game routine. And of course, she lost. So she gives me her number. I felt good because it was the first time I ever took the courage to work around a resistance. And I succeeded. Twenty more minutes of conversation and I eventually tell them we have to go. I give her a hug, but instead of letting go, I hold her there for a few seconds while I whisper in her ear. I could hear friends giggling away on the side. After my 'intimate' ear-whispering, I see her cheek there and think to myself: I'm already here... Might as well... And I peck her on the cheek. Look her in the eyes and then peck her on the right cheek and left cheek again. It was a good interaction. I absolutely enjoyed myself. My wingman was kind of annoyed though. He was actually starting to fall for his target, and then he finds out she's already taken. Unlucky.

I'm satisfied with the length of this post. So I'll leave it as it is. The night was great.

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