Sunday, 26 February 2012

Drunk Gaming

Celebrated an 18th on Saturday. Food was awesome. Catching up with friends was awesome. Drunk karaoke was awesome. Drunk gaming was awesome. Everything was awesome about that night. Haha.

Night kicked off with some talk while a few guys cooked the food. The marinated chicken wings were delicious. After a bit of eating, we went straight into the drinks. One of the guys has a fairly skinny build, and he was hit after the first shot. Face went all red. Eyes likewise. "Another round". After the second one, he was stumbling already. Another friend literally poked him on the arm from the side, and he fell over. A bit more drinking and then the topic of tricking arises in the conversation. We ended up attempting a 360-pop. I had no problem doing it. But one of the guys attempted it. Landed. And almost smacked into a box as he stumbled away.

From the backyard, and into the room for some karaoke. Not much to say about this. We were drunk. And we sang. Sang. Sang like idiots. We all had fun though. Towards the end of the night, we start drinking again. Most of us were planning to sleep over. Considering I lived the furthest away, the host's dad offered to drive me and another guy home, while everyone else slept there. Didn't make sense to me, but at least it saved me the trouble of having to get home the next morning.

And so I arrive home. Have a shower. Log on Skype and jump in a call with the other guy that got dropped off. The next 4-5 hours consisted of playing League of Legends whilst drunk. Suffice to say, we lost most of them. But it was still an enjoyable experience. Especially laning bot as AD Sona alongside my mate who was AD Morgana.

Specialists in recrimination art.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lazy Fridays

For the past two weeks, I've been working (somewhat) hard on my programming assignment which was due today. It consists of two paddles and a ball. Also know as 'Pong', I managed to complete it to a self-satisfied standard.

Even though I slept at 2am, I had no trouble waking up four hours later when my phone did it's daily ear-rape. I tend to jump straight out of bed when that happens. There was a time where I would go through about five snooze alarms before actually getting out of bed. I'm past those days. Straight out of bed, I'm off to the dining table with my laptop. Make myself some cereal and browse Reddit as if it were my daily newspaper.

Rocked up to my class with my assignment ready. I was relieved that I would be done with this assignment. Lecture starts which involved learning about creating release files for our game. A few things done to my game and I'm off to browsing Reddit yet again. Then the teacher announces he'll be checking everyone's assignments. He said he was bored last night and prepared a program that randomly picked a name from the class. The name would pop up after a few seconds of flashing, bright colours for a fake loading screen. I'll admit, the fake loading screen was good. It looked like a rainbow being mixed in a blender. Luckily for me, my name gets picked right before break starts so I don't have to worry about showing my assignment after break.

My friend is celebrating his 18th tomorrow and I have yet to get him a present. My mate and I walked off to the city markets in hopes of finding something. The walk took longer than expected, and as we got there, we just decided to grab some lunch. And off to some Japanese place we were. The food was impressive. A Japanese lunch box for $12.90 - rice, chicken teriyaki, tofu, vegetables, soup and some other stuff. Didn't expect it to fill me up but it did. I didn't even get to finish it before realising break was over and we were late. However, we walked into class 20 minutes later as if nothing happened. And we didn't get told off or anything. The rest of the consisted of playing games and looking at dual-screen wallpapers. The teacher even let us off one hour earlier.

Today was one of the best days so far at College. Pretty much did nothing all day.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Night Out Clubbing

First of all, excuse my recent disappearance. I've been busy with college and was pretty much hungover throughout Sunday.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I like to do a bit of pick-up here and there. There are a group of three guys on Youtube that make videos centered around pick-up. SimplePickup is the name of their channel and they recently opened up their own forum. I decided to check it out the first day it was up and I stumbled across the sub-forum titled 'Find a Wingman'. Now I've only been out sarging with one of my mates from school, but up until recently, he hasn't been able to hang out during the late hours of the night. So I started up a thread on the forum. To my surprise, a lot of guys posted. And there we were organising our first meetup on a Saturday.

At first, there were about two solid people coming. However, on Friday night and Saturday morning, I was hit with a few private messages from guys that were interested in tagging along. After my business seminar, my phone was going off like crazy from the guys looking to meetup. I get around to the spot just after 5pm and I meet up with two other guys. We decide to start warming up while we wait for the others. One of the guys decides to go first. He approaches a woman from behind. And to his surprise, she turns out to be old. He briefly changes his initial statement and asks her if she was someone he knew. We walk up another floor and I spot two girls leaning up against a railing. I approach.

Establish eye contact.
Give a bright smile.
"Hey guys. I just got into an argument with my friend over there and I wanted to get a female's opinion on something. Who do you think lie more - men or women?"

They replied and that was when I noticed their heavy accents. I asked where they were from and they told me they were from Chile. Not bad looking. I bid adieu and meet up with the others. Another phone call and we find ourselves waiting for three others. It was funny. Such a big group. Like a flash mob.

We decide to head off to Darling Harbor (Australian readers should know this place) and this is where I spot a cute two-set sitting down by the water. I approach.

Walk around in front of them.
Make eye contact and smile.
"Hey guys, [proceeds into opinion opener]"
They give their response and we start talking for a bit.
Then one of the guys from the group starts walking up and says a surprisingly good one-liner.
"The wingman is here!"

They gave out a laugh and we continued talking some more. I'll admit, the way my wingman came in was executed perfectly. My wingman tells them that we had to get going and that they should give us their numbers. Only one of them decided to give out their number. We grabbed that and headed off to meet with the others. A few congratulations from the rest of the group and we're off to the Darling Harbor bridge. One of the guys spots a three-set walking in the opposite direction. He walks up and opens. Instead of stopping them, he decides to walk alongside them. A few minutes go by and he's out of our sight. If he didn't get a number, we were going to be disappointed. He returns and we ask him what happened. Apparently his target was already in a relationship and thus he was rejected. It was all good though. After that we went off and grabbed some dinner.

After a quick feed, we head off to the inner city. And this is where it starts to get interesting. We start opening sets left, right and center. One of them opened a (very) hot Chinese girl. After what seemed like 15 minutes, he walks out with a number as she heads off to meet up with a friend. Another person from our group opens up an Asian girl sitting down by herself. This turned out to be a long one. Almost 20 minutes. Sadly, he wasn't able to get a number.

We decide the current location was getting a bit dead so we walk around for an hour or so until the clubs start opening up. Star Bar was the first place we hit up. It wasn't out type of venue seeing as there were mostly guys. We left and headed in a place called Pavillion right across from Star Bar. This was pretty interesting. One of use opened a six-set sitting down around a table. He seemed to handle himself well considering the music was blaring. Me and another guy walk out on the dance floor to have a bit of fun. I notice two girls dancing behind me. I slip my arm around her waist and (sort of) shout into her ear.

"Where's your dates?"
She points to her friend as we continue dancing. A bit more talking and then I hear a sound coming from somewhere. We were standing next to the smoke hose and next thing I know, we're surrounded in smoke. We can't see shit. The smoke clears up and the girls run off laughing to go grab a drink. We give up and decide to head out on to the streets. Upon walking around the train station mall, we spot a group of girls sitting outside. They looked a bit intoxicated. My wingman approaches and puts his hands out in a hi-5 motion. They reciprocate. In a good way too. I jump in.

"What's the occasion?"
"Friend's 18th [whooo]"
"Oh really? Who's 18th?"
An cute Asian next to her puts her hands in the air and shouts "Miiinnne".

She made me laugh and immediately grabs my interest. I ask her where they're headed off to and a bit more conversational fluff. As they're about to leave, I say:

"Before you guys head off, let me give you a birthday present."
I hug her for a few seconds and kiss her on the cheeks. Left cheek. Right cheek. Now I'm about to lean in for the kiss on the lips. As this is about to happen, her Blonde friend decides to come in a pull her away jokingly... COCK-BLOCKED! All fun and games though. We grab a bottle of Smirnoff and head off to Darling Harbor yet again. A grab a seat next to the water and we notice three of our guys are missing. We look around and realise they weren't actually missing. They had just approached a group of six girls sitting down. I could swear they were talking to them for a good 30-40 minutes. I believe they walked out with a few numbers. At this point, the buzz from the Smirnoff makes my memory a bit hazy. But I do recall grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. And then doing some more sarging.

[A lot of shit happens for the next few hours which I'm too lazy to write about]

The time is 3:30am and I'm tired as hell. There's only two of us now. My main wing and I. Luckily enough, he's catching the same bus as me. And he looks after me while I doze off to sleep on the steps nearby the bus area. He wakes me up and we get on the bus. Then I get my one last good look of the night. A perfect 10/10 Asian at the front of the bus. She was fine as hell. I'm just way too tired to do anything though. And the thought of the people on the packed bus hearing the conversation seemed to scare me. My wing wakes me up and tells me not to fall asleep and miss my stop. He laughs as he walks off the bus. Then it was just me. Of course, I fell asleep. I wake up and look outside. I just missed my stop. Fuuuuu-. I ran up to the front and request for the bus driver to let me off. And so he did.

Streets were dead at this point. Not a single being or car in sight. Another 10 minutes of walking and I'm home. Home. At last. Good night... Good night it was.

There may be a few mistakes in this post. I wrote it on a whim.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Ideal/Perfect Girl

This question was presented before me from a fellow friend a few weeks ago. I realised that such a question, however brief it may seem, yielded so much depth. Upon trying to answer within a few minutes or so, I came up with only three or four things. Over the past few weeks, I have met a few new people and gotten to know them to the sense of an acquaintance. Having come across new particular personality traits, it brought me back to this question. And having walked around the city noticing women with different styles of fashion, again, brought me back to this question.

Let's say that the gender of women could be broken up into two different groups; the girly-girls and the tomboys. These two groups are different in a few forms. They have different styles of fashion, different personalities and have different likes/dislikes. Of course, I like a girl with a girly-girl fashion style. It's attractive. And personally, I wouldn't mind a girl who dressed up in sneakers or chucks, with trousers of some sort, and some random top. Some of you may have seen this look before. I like to refer to it as the female hip-hop dancer look. Sure, it may be a bit on the tomboyish side but I have a strange attraction towards that look.
Walking around the city a few weeks ago, I also came across a certain look that I've never seen before. A woman, in her twenties - she was really cute, though it was her fashion that caught my eyes. She was wearing a floral dress with heels and was rocking a Beats Headset. This look honestly rocked. She had the girly-girl look about her but she topped it off with the Headset which gave her a street/urban look. I was mesmerised by her for a good 10 seconds. If my girl could look as good and unique as she did, I would love it.

One of my favourite things in life are video games. Me? I'm a hardcore gamer. I love all types of games and play them whenever I get the chance. And I do rage at my games every now and then. My dream/perfect girl would definitely have to be a gamer. And if she raged at games from time to time like I did, it would be so much more attractive. I've always dreamed of playing a game and having my girl sit in my lap watching me game.

All I would ever want from my girl is for her to be there. I would want her to feel the same way about me. And in saying that, I'd prefer it if she didn't focus on monetary symbols of affection. Sure I would get her a gift every now and then, but not all the time. Presence is better than presents. Just spending time with her will make me happy. And when it comes to talking, she has to be able to hold her end of the conversation. Intellect is sexy. If she can hold a topic of high intellect, she's more attractive in my eyes.

Whenever I'm at home, whether I'm gaming or not, I'm usually in a Skype call with my mates. Sometimes I'm in a Skype call with them for more than 8 hours. I'd want my girl to be somewhat like this - There on Skype talking with me on a regular basis. And if she wanted to video call, that's fine with me.

I know I've talked about a lot already, and I haven't quite gone through everything yet. Perhaps I'll come back to this in a future post. But just to finish it off, I want to be able to trust my girl. I know there would be other guys talking to her and I have to be able to trust her to stay loyal to me.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day - The Trending Topic

Valentine's Day seems to be a hot topic at the moment, and I have a bit of free time on my hands so I thought I'd contribute to the wild fire.

This particular day of the year has two main effects on you. It either gives you an opportunity to further express your love for a certain someone. Or remind you that you are alone. The latter tends to have that much more of an impact if you're out in public seeing all the happy couples around you. Luckily, I'm not a chump that gets downed by this sight. Coming home from a business meeting, I saw a LOT of couples smiling, giving each other roses and what-not. It was a cute sight. And it brought a smile to my face. I just think "Good for them" and I go on about my day. It's not like I go home and cry myself to sleep because I can't share this day with someone.

To those that are in a relationship, I sort of question the purpose of this day. Showing your affection towards someone else can be done everyday. Apparently giving someone a rose and a teddy bear on a "special" day makes them love you that much more.

If I continued to ramble on, this would be a pretty long post. So I'm just gonna cut it short. One more thing before I sign off though.

Dear hand,
I love you.

Monday, 13 February 2012

What happens in my spare time.

The life of a Wreck is an active one.

Feeling the blood rush through my veins. That's a feeling I love. And a lot of my hobbies trigger that feeling. I first became an adrenaline junkie at around the age of 10. It all started off with parkour. I played a lot of tips with family back then. We lived on a block with a lot apartment complexes, which was great for playing wide-scale tips. With my energy and speed, I covered a lot of ground. That "ground" tended to involve a lot of fences, obstacles, and big height drops. The thing about pain... I actually don't mind it. And so when it came to getting past an obstacle, I would recklessly throw myself over it, or jump off fairly high distances without any consideration for my body. Pain is only temporary (unless of course you break something), which is a central thought in my day to day life.

Back when I was around 13 years old, I stumbled across this video on Youtube. There was circle arena. Then a guy walks up. He walked with a limp. And he was on his hands a majority of the time. It was a breakdancing video. His name was Junior and it's because of him that I have such a passion for breakdancing. I used to be really dedicated last year. I'd go to a local community centre where a few bboys would gather up and jam. It was funny, because the very first day that I came in, it was Roundbox. Roundbox is the last Friday of every month where the bboys would battle each other. At first I thought it was a class so when one of the bboys came up to me asking if I wanted to participate, I said yes thinking he was talking about a breakdancing lesson. Little did I know that it was for a battle. So when it came around to my battle, I tried to back out but everyone was just told me to go up regardless of how shit I was. It was awesome because everyone there doesn't judge. They're friendly people. After the battles were finished, people went back to practicing/jamming. Some of them even taught me few things. I progressed so much since then and I'd love to thank all those people who taught me what I know. Whenever I'm out and about in the city, if I ever get bored, I'll find a nice, quiet spot to just breakdance. The thought of breakdancing gives me that adrenaline rush. I'd also like to thank this certain hobby for giving me a fairly good body. Breakdancing has given me fairly big arms and shoulders.

On the topic of muscles, apart from the fact that I parkour and breakdance, I might as well mention that I love to exercise in my free time as well. I go to the gym once a week and there's a park near my house which I go to twice a week for a metabolic workout. I'll admit, I've spewed a few times from pushing myself too much. Which actually reminds me of the time I did a metabolic workout at the gym once, I ended up spewing the bathroom. The end result looked like a crime scene. I won't get too graphical, but damn it was nasty.

This is my favourite part. The part where I talk about video games. Haha. Honestly, I love video games and I easily put many hours into gaming every week. Enough to put myself within the criteria of a hardcore gamer. I'd love to thank my dad for getting me into games. At the age of 3, he taught me how to play both Chess and Checkers, and we would play each other almost every weekend. It was my first taste of competitive "gaming". Hell, I even remember one time going up against my dad in a big-scale version of Chess outside a shopping centre. The pawn pieces were just as big as me (but were surprisingly light). The fact that I was fairly young seemed to attract a large crowd too. However, my first time playing games was on an actual computer. My dad gave me many computer games as a kid, and he'd let me stay up playing them. Given the opportunity to stay up all night, I usually died at around 3am. But hey, i was only like 4 years old at the time. A kid needs his rest - even after capping so many hours into Starcraft and Age of Empires campaigns.

My favourite genre as a kid were RTS games. I had way too many of those. But now, I've moved onto the generic FPS action games. And RPG games. My dad used to take me with him to a local internet cafe and used to go up against these Asians (that was the demographic of the local area) in matches of Unreal Tournament. I may have played a lot of RTS games, but I've played many more FPS action games. I used to love Doom. The way the character portrait would change in relation to have much damage you have taken used to make me laugh. And the way the levels were created were pretty sick as well. As of now, the current FPS games that I'm playing are CSS (who doesn't love a bit of CS?) and MW3. The modern shooters seem like they're getting a bit shit though. If I'm not playing CSS or MW3, then I'm playing League of Legends or catching up on Obscure. Hit me up if you'd like to catch a game with me some time.

After a bit of reading over everything, I realised how unstructured my writing is. That's just how I am though. If something comes to me, I'll write about it. This tends to make my writing very free-form and available for branching. Anyway, finishing off - I'm a very active person and I absolutely love adrenaline.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

First day of College.

I know I did say that this second post was gonna be about my hobbies, interests and what-not. But I'm still in the process of writing it and I had my first day of College today, and I guess I wanted to write a bit about that.

Games have always been a passion of mine, and I remember saying to myself as a kid - that I would make my own game one day. Besides, my dad was a programmer for Ford, so I guess programming would run in the family. Haha. The course I'm doing is an Advanced Diploma in Games Dev - Games Programming and so far I'm enjoying. I took Software Design class back in High School and absolutely hated it. I really only enjoyed it when the teacher taught us programming. Today's lesson involved the basic "Hello World" program. Of course, when learning to code, that's usually the first program you learn to write. Started it off in C++ and had a bit of trouble understanding it all. That was my first time touching C++. Luckily for me, I was seated next to a fairly experienced programmer so I asked him for help on the two times that I need it.

The location is absolutely great. Walk 10 minutes in any direction and you'll come across a cafe to grab a coffee or some food at. There's a shopping mall nearby in case I'm ever craving fast-food or Chinese food. It's also close to Darling Harbor which is a great water-view atmosphere to hang out at with a few mates or with a date. It's only 10-15 minutes walk from the train station and I walk past a Uni on the way there. If you knew me, you'd know exactly why I referred to the Uni -- I love seeing beautiful women. Uni women = Yum. I've done a bit of pick-up back in High School so I know how to open a conversation and hold it for a few minutes. I plan to use this experience to meet some new people.

So far, the only thing I don't like about College, is the fact that there are barely any girls there. Both programming classes are packed with guys. I guess that's given though, since programming isn't really within a girl's interest. Just a few random things that I like about the college - the vending machine sells noodle. F***ing noodles! I believe that's the first time I've seen a vending machine sell something that isn't packed with sugar or salt. The lounge room/chill area is pretty bad ass too. It's a PS3 and Xbox if you're ever bored.

Currently enjoying college life so far and I look forward to the rest of my classes. I also look forward to the morning walk tomorrow (of course I'm referring to the Uni).

Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh look, I'm starting a blog.

I've always had spare time on my hands. And I've also followed a few blogs in the past few months. I guess now is the time I fill that void of spare time and start up a blog of my own. I can't really specify the theme of my blog seeing as I tend to write about everything in general - my day; random thoughts; rage stories; and sometimes theory talks. Basically whatever makes for good content, and I have time to write about it, I'll post it up on my blog.

In this first post, I guess I'll introduce myself. I go by the name of Wrecked. It's a name I acquired through a movie-turned-game back on the PS2. If you were into those old school type of movies, you may know this one. 'The Warriors'. I believe that was one of the first movies in the gang-action/thriller genre that I watched. And since then, I've been a fan of those movies. The horror genre is another one of my favorites. But the thing with that is, the latest horror movies are getting pretty bad. My favorite horror is definitely The Strangers. Only a few movies are on par with what 'The Strangers' delivers.

(That was quite a segue into movies, haha)
But back on topic -- Wrecked is a name I use pretty much everywhere. So if you ever see someone with the name 'Wrecked', or something along those lines in a game, you could assume it's me. In which case, I encourage you to open conversation.

I guess I'll leave this post as it is. Excuse me for leaving this post lacking of quality. I'm a somewhat busy person and have a few things to do. In the next post, I'll get into a few of my hobbies and interests.