Monday, 12 March 2012

She looked legal as hell!

Specifically speaking, I'm referring to my Saturday outing last week, and not the one that just passed. It was Mardi Gra here in Australia; me and the usual group were out sarging. We walked past Galaxy World by Town Hall station when I saw a 2-set of Asians. Hot as fuck for sure. They were a bit small in terms of height, but hey, most Asian girls are. So I nudge one of my wingmen and I tell him to open. At first, I just wanted to see him open. I didn't expect myself to come in and wing. But that - I did.

I come in.
Me: "Oh hey, Josh. How you been? Who are your new friends?"
Him: "I don't know. They haven't told me yet."
Me: "Well, what are your names, guys?"

They introduce themselves and we talk briefly until I feel a lull in the conversation. I cut the interaction short and transition to the number close.

Me: "I know we only just met, but we really have to get going. Give us your numbers and we'll grab a coffee sometime."

And so they did. It was a quick number-close. But it was our first one of the day. We had yet to warm up. Just to break the speed of the post for a moment, I'll tell you about the texts following that night. We had a few back-and-forth texts going and I eventually find out she's only 15. I look back on that night and think to myself: "She looked hella legal. Jailbait for sure." And I saw a few pictures uploaded on her FB. She has a well-developed body and a fashion sense that screams "All the guys want this."

Back on speed. We walked around some more and decided to check out the Mardi Gra parade. We get to a crossing when I spot a 3-set to our left. Asians. Again, hot as hell. I notify my friend of them and he says he'll open when we cross the road. Cross the road. He opens. He picks his target and I go and occupy the other two.

Me: [Smile] Hi. I'm Victor.
Her: [Surprised/intrigued look] Didn't... Didn't we meet before?
Me: [Slightly confused now] Really?
Her: Yeh! Outside Galaxy World!
Me: Oh haha, what a surprise.

I think to myself: "Well... Shit." and I tell my wingman to eject. I tell him why I wanted him to eject and he just cracked up. And we continued on to the park near the parade. We spot this 2-set of hot Blondes. My friend opens first, and I see him ever so subtlety stand in between them and put his arms around their waists. I come in.

Apparently they were looking for something called the Fountain. She was obviously intoxicated to some extent and had trouble walking.

Me: "Do you need help walking?"
Her: "Haha, no. I'm ok."
Me: "Bullshit you are."

And I picked her up and carried her around. And it was funny because as I was doing that, there other guys trying to hit on her and she was literally telling them to "Fuck off". We eventually never got around to finding the Fountain and we were getting bored. So we went off back to our group and proceeded to the parade itself. It just finished. But we ended up walking up the street where the parade was held. On the way back, I see this lone Asian girl walking alongside me. I say to my friend: "There's a single set over there if you want it." He replies "Nah, you can take it if you want."

I look at her and say "Why are you by yourself?" with a warm, welcoming smile. My smile is met with a smile of her own, and we ended up talking for a good 5 minutes as we walked down the street. Turns out she's studying at a Uni close by to my college. So I said "Hey, seeing as you're so close to me, we should grab a coffee during our break sometime." She agrees and hands me her number.

Fast forward a few more hours in the night. We're on the Darling Harbour bridge. We're sitting down looking for potential sets to open. It was already 2am, so pedestrian traffic was dying down. Though I did spot these cute Blonde girls walking behind me. They had their heels in their hands and were walking bare foot. I couldn't think of anything to say, but as they got within proximity of me, I open with a situational opener.

Me: "Why don't you guys just wear your heels?"
Girl1: [Stops walking and I see a smirk roll across her face] Do you know how painful these are?
Me: "I'd assume a lot. [Gets up, smiles] But I can carry you if you like."
They both laugh.
Girl1: No. I'm alright.

I start walking with them to their hotel while we're conversing. And then one of my wingmen comes in and I introduce him. We practically talked to them for about 40 minutes. To my surprise, they were both 26 and married. It was a fun interaction nonetheless. And I enjoyed myself. We called it a night after that.

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