Thursday, 1 March 2012

Excuse me while I pick up all the f**ks I give.

Here's the back story:
I dated a girl back in Year 8 (14 years of age). We broke up after about four months. During September last year, she started talking to me again. A strong connection was built between us within that month and we became best friends. Her and her friend. My ex even introduced me to her girlfriend (she's bi), who I found out attended the same college I was going to.

Now most of you guys already know that I'm a hardcore gamer. Fast forward two months from then; I'm currently playing a game of LoL. I hear the Skype noises going off. It's them talking. As usual. I wasn't too bothered on joining in on the conversation. Nor was I bothered the past few days. I go through the messages to see what's going on.

"Where's Wrecked?"
"Oh probably off playing games."
[more chatter]
"He doesn't appreciate us..."

The next day, I find myself kicked out of the Skype chat. I knew they were pissed at me. I didn't care. I was glad I didn't have to commit to them anymore. Being associated with them involved too much drama. For a guy (especially one like me - someone that actually listens to a girl's problems), it's stressing.

I started my college course four weeks ago. I got to see my ex's girlfriend every week. Since my ex hated my guts, she didn't approve of me and her girlfriend being friends. After returning home from college, I log on to Skype. A few minutes later, I see my ex log on. Just for the sake of catching up, I open a chat and say "Hi." This seemed to enrage her because one of her friends whom is a close friend of mine, initiated a conversation with me straight after.

"(My name), as a third person with no personal interest in the matter... I think you should refrain from speaking to and about Anon1, Anon2 and anything related to them. I've never seen her this upset, I'm worried."

Oh, my ex is getting pissed? Excuse me while I pick up all the f**cks I give.

Apparently I was causing problems between my ex and her girlfriend. Because I have morals, I'll respect their relationship and limit my interaction with her girlfriend.

Drama... I tend to stay away from it.
Word of advice - do the same.

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