Sunday, 26 February 2012

Drunk Gaming

Celebrated an 18th on Saturday. Food was awesome. Catching up with friends was awesome. Drunk karaoke was awesome. Drunk gaming was awesome. Everything was awesome about that night. Haha.

Night kicked off with some talk while a few guys cooked the food. The marinated chicken wings were delicious. After a bit of eating, we went straight into the drinks. One of the guys has a fairly skinny build, and he was hit after the first shot. Face went all red. Eyes likewise. "Another round". After the second one, he was stumbling already. Another friend literally poked him on the arm from the side, and he fell over. A bit more drinking and then the topic of tricking arises in the conversation. We ended up attempting a 360-pop. I had no problem doing it. But one of the guys attempted it. Landed. And almost smacked into a box as he stumbled away.

From the backyard, and into the room for some karaoke. Not much to say about this. We were drunk. And we sang. Sang. Sang like idiots. We all had fun though. Towards the end of the night, we start drinking again. Most of us were planning to sleep over. Considering I lived the furthest away, the host's dad offered to drive me and another guy home, while everyone else slept there. Didn't make sense to me, but at least it saved me the trouble of having to get home the next morning.

And so I arrive home. Have a shower. Log on Skype and jump in a call with the other guy that got dropped off. The next 4-5 hours consisted of playing League of Legends whilst drunk. Suffice to say, we lost most of them. But it was still an enjoyable experience. Especially laning bot as AD Sona alongside my mate who was AD Morgana.

Specialists in recrimination art.

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