Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Ideal/Perfect Girl

This question was presented before me from a fellow friend a few weeks ago. I realised that such a question, however brief it may seem, yielded so much depth. Upon trying to answer within a few minutes or so, I came up with only three or four things. Over the past few weeks, I have met a few new people and gotten to know them to the sense of an acquaintance. Having come across new particular personality traits, it brought me back to this question. And having walked around the city noticing women with different styles of fashion, again, brought me back to this question.

Let's say that the gender of women could be broken up into two different groups; the girly-girls and the tomboys. These two groups are different in a few forms. They have different styles of fashion, different personalities and have different likes/dislikes. Of course, I like a girl with a girly-girl fashion style. It's attractive. And personally, I wouldn't mind a girl who dressed up in sneakers or chucks, with trousers of some sort, and some random top. Some of you may have seen this look before. I like to refer to it as the female hip-hop dancer look. Sure, it may be a bit on the tomboyish side but I have a strange attraction towards that look.
Walking around the city a few weeks ago, I also came across a certain look that I've never seen before. A woman, in her twenties - she was really cute, though it was her fashion that caught my eyes. She was wearing a floral dress with heels and was rocking a Beats Headset. This look honestly rocked. She had the girly-girl look about her but she topped it off with the Headset which gave her a street/urban look. I was mesmerised by her for a good 10 seconds. If my girl could look as good and unique as she did, I would love it.

One of my favourite things in life are video games. Me? I'm a hardcore gamer. I love all types of games and play them whenever I get the chance. And I do rage at my games every now and then. My dream/perfect girl would definitely have to be a gamer. And if she raged at games from time to time like I did, it would be so much more attractive. I've always dreamed of playing a game and having my girl sit in my lap watching me game.

All I would ever want from my girl is for her to be there. I would want her to feel the same way about me. And in saying that, I'd prefer it if she didn't focus on monetary symbols of affection. Sure I would get her a gift every now and then, but not all the time. Presence is better than presents. Just spending time with her will make me happy. And when it comes to talking, she has to be able to hold her end of the conversation. Intellect is sexy. If she can hold a topic of high intellect, she's more attractive in my eyes.

Whenever I'm at home, whether I'm gaming or not, I'm usually in a Skype call with my mates. Sometimes I'm in a Skype call with them for more than 8 hours. I'd want my girl to be somewhat like this - There on Skype talking with me on a regular basis. And if she wanted to video call, that's fine with me.

I know I've talked about a lot already, and I haven't quite gone through everything yet. Perhaps I'll come back to this in a future post. But just to finish it off, I want to be able to trust my girl. I know there would be other guys talking to her and I have to be able to trust her to stay loyal to me.

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