Monday, 13 February 2012

What happens in my spare time.

The life of a Wreck is an active one.

Feeling the blood rush through my veins. That's a feeling I love. And a lot of my hobbies trigger that feeling. I first became an adrenaline junkie at around the age of 10. It all started off with parkour. I played a lot of tips with family back then. We lived on a block with a lot apartment complexes, which was great for playing wide-scale tips. With my energy and speed, I covered a lot of ground. That "ground" tended to involve a lot of fences, obstacles, and big height drops. The thing about pain... I actually don't mind it. And so when it came to getting past an obstacle, I would recklessly throw myself over it, or jump off fairly high distances without any consideration for my body. Pain is only temporary (unless of course you break something), which is a central thought in my day to day life.

Back when I was around 13 years old, I stumbled across this video on Youtube. There was circle arena. Then a guy walks up. He walked with a limp. And he was on his hands a majority of the time. It was a breakdancing video. His name was Junior and it's because of him that I have such a passion for breakdancing. I used to be really dedicated last year. I'd go to a local community centre where a few bboys would gather up and jam. It was funny, because the very first day that I came in, it was Roundbox. Roundbox is the last Friday of every month where the bboys would battle each other. At first I thought it was a class so when one of the bboys came up to me asking if I wanted to participate, I said yes thinking he was talking about a breakdancing lesson. Little did I know that it was for a battle. So when it came around to my battle, I tried to back out but everyone was just told me to go up regardless of how shit I was. It was awesome because everyone there doesn't judge. They're friendly people. After the battles were finished, people went back to practicing/jamming. Some of them even taught me few things. I progressed so much since then and I'd love to thank all those people who taught me what I know. Whenever I'm out and about in the city, if I ever get bored, I'll find a nice, quiet spot to just breakdance. The thought of breakdancing gives me that adrenaline rush. I'd also like to thank this certain hobby for giving me a fairly good body. Breakdancing has given me fairly big arms and shoulders.

On the topic of muscles, apart from the fact that I parkour and breakdance, I might as well mention that I love to exercise in my free time as well. I go to the gym once a week and there's a park near my house which I go to twice a week for a metabolic workout. I'll admit, I've spewed a few times from pushing myself too much. Which actually reminds me of the time I did a metabolic workout at the gym once, I ended up spewing the bathroom. The end result looked like a crime scene. I won't get too graphical, but damn it was nasty.

This is my favourite part. The part where I talk about video games. Haha. Honestly, I love video games and I easily put many hours into gaming every week. Enough to put myself within the criteria of a hardcore gamer. I'd love to thank my dad for getting me into games. At the age of 3, he taught me how to play both Chess and Checkers, and we would play each other almost every weekend. It was my first taste of competitive "gaming". Hell, I even remember one time going up against my dad in a big-scale version of Chess outside a shopping centre. The pawn pieces were just as big as me (but were surprisingly light). The fact that I was fairly young seemed to attract a large crowd too. However, my first time playing games was on an actual computer. My dad gave me many computer games as a kid, and he'd let me stay up playing them. Given the opportunity to stay up all night, I usually died at around 3am. But hey, i was only like 4 years old at the time. A kid needs his rest - even after capping so many hours into Starcraft and Age of Empires campaigns.

My favourite genre as a kid were RTS games. I had way too many of those. But now, I've moved onto the generic FPS action games. And RPG games. My dad used to take me with him to a local internet cafe and used to go up against these Asians (that was the demographic of the local area) in matches of Unreal Tournament. I may have played a lot of RTS games, but I've played many more FPS action games. I used to love Doom. The way the character portrait would change in relation to have much damage you have taken used to make me laugh. And the way the levels were created were pretty sick as well. As of now, the current FPS games that I'm playing are CSS (who doesn't love a bit of CS?) and MW3. The modern shooters seem like they're getting a bit shit though. If I'm not playing CSS or MW3, then I'm playing League of Legends or catching up on Obscure. Hit me up if you'd like to catch a game with me some time.

After a bit of reading over everything, I realised how unstructured my writing is. That's just how I am though. If something comes to me, I'll write about it. This tends to make my writing very free-form and available for branching. Anyway, finishing off - I'm a very active person and I absolutely love adrenaline.

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