Wednesday, 8 February 2012

First day of College.

I know I did say that this second post was gonna be about my hobbies, interests and what-not. But I'm still in the process of writing it and I had my first day of College today, and I guess I wanted to write a bit about that.

Games have always been a passion of mine, and I remember saying to myself as a kid - that I would make my own game one day. Besides, my dad was a programmer for Ford, so I guess programming would run in the family. Haha. The course I'm doing is an Advanced Diploma in Games Dev - Games Programming and so far I'm enjoying. I took Software Design class back in High School and absolutely hated it. I really only enjoyed it when the teacher taught us programming. Today's lesson involved the basic "Hello World" program. Of course, when learning to code, that's usually the first program you learn to write. Started it off in C++ and had a bit of trouble understanding it all. That was my first time touching C++. Luckily for me, I was seated next to a fairly experienced programmer so I asked him for help on the two times that I need it.

The location is absolutely great. Walk 10 minutes in any direction and you'll come across a cafe to grab a coffee or some food at. There's a shopping mall nearby in case I'm ever craving fast-food or Chinese food. It's also close to Darling Harbor which is a great water-view atmosphere to hang out at with a few mates or with a date. It's only 10-15 minutes walk from the train station and I walk past a Uni on the way there. If you knew me, you'd know exactly why I referred to the Uni -- I love seeing beautiful women. Uni women = Yum. I've done a bit of pick-up back in High School so I know how to open a conversation and hold it for a few minutes. I plan to use this experience to meet some new people.

So far, the only thing I don't like about College, is the fact that there are barely any girls there. Both programming classes are packed with guys. I guess that's given though, since programming isn't really within a girl's interest. Just a few random things that I like about the college - the vending machine sells noodle. F***ing noodles! I believe that's the first time I've seen a vending machine sell something that isn't packed with sugar or salt. The lounge room/chill area is pretty bad ass too. It's a PS3 and Xbox if you're ever bored.

Currently enjoying college life so far and I look forward to the rest of my classes. I also look forward to the morning walk tomorrow (of course I'm referring to the Uni).


  1. If you wanted girls, you should have gone into nursing. :P

  2. Sounds like fun. Plus, what DWei said

  3. Who cares about girls, it's all about the guys.