Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh look, I'm starting a blog.

I've always had spare time on my hands. And I've also followed a few blogs in the past few months. I guess now is the time I fill that void of spare time and start up a blog of my own. I can't really specify the theme of my blog seeing as I tend to write about everything in general - my day; random thoughts; rage stories; and sometimes theory talks. Basically whatever makes for good content, and I have time to write about it, I'll post it up on my blog.

In this first post, I guess I'll introduce myself. I go by the name of Wrecked. It's a name I acquired through a movie-turned-game back on the PS2. If you were into those old school type of movies, you may know this one. 'The Warriors'. I believe that was one of the first movies in the gang-action/thriller genre that I watched. And since then, I've been a fan of those movies. The horror genre is another one of my favorites. But the thing with that is, the latest horror movies are getting pretty bad. My favorite horror is definitely The Strangers. Only a few movies are on par with what 'The Strangers' delivers.

(That was quite a segue into movies, haha)
But back on topic -- Wrecked is a name I use pretty much everywhere. So if you ever see someone with the name 'Wrecked', or something along those lines in a game, you could assume it's me. In which case, I encourage you to open conversation.

I guess I'll leave this post as it is. Excuse me for leaving this post lacking of quality. I'm a somewhat busy person and have a few things to do. In the next post, I'll get into a few of my hobbies and interests.