Friday, 24 February 2012

Lazy Fridays

For the past two weeks, I've been working (somewhat) hard on my programming assignment which was due today. It consists of two paddles and a ball. Also know as 'Pong', I managed to complete it to a self-satisfied standard.

Even though I slept at 2am, I had no trouble waking up four hours later when my phone did it's daily ear-rape. I tend to jump straight out of bed when that happens. There was a time where I would go through about five snooze alarms before actually getting out of bed. I'm past those days. Straight out of bed, I'm off to the dining table with my laptop. Make myself some cereal and browse Reddit as if it were my daily newspaper.

Rocked up to my class with my assignment ready. I was relieved that I would be done with this assignment. Lecture starts which involved learning about creating release files for our game. A few things done to my game and I'm off to browsing Reddit yet again. Then the teacher announces he'll be checking everyone's assignments. He said he was bored last night and prepared a program that randomly picked a name from the class. The name would pop up after a few seconds of flashing, bright colours for a fake loading screen. I'll admit, the fake loading screen was good. It looked like a rainbow being mixed in a blender. Luckily for me, my name gets picked right before break starts so I don't have to worry about showing my assignment after break.

My friend is celebrating his 18th tomorrow and I have yet to get him a present. My mate and I walked off to the city markets in hopes of finding something. The walk took longer than expected, and as we got there, we just decided to grab some lunch. And off to some Japanese place we were. The food was impressive. A Japanese lunch box for $12.90 - rice, chicken teriyaki, tofu, vegetables, soup and some other stuff. Didn't expect it to fill me up but it did. I didn't even get to finish it before realising break was over and we were late. However, we walked into class 20 minutes later as if nothing happened. And we didn't get told off or anything. The rest of the consisted of playing games and looking at dual-screen wallpapers. The teacher even let us off one hour earlier.

Today was one of the best days so far at College. Pretty much did nothing all day.


  1. I agree with your idea of a good day. In the words of the immortal David Byrne..."Heaven is a place where nothing...nothing ever happens."

  2. I agree doing nothing is always the sign of a good day!
    -Ryan (

  3. you had to make Pong? That's pretty neat