Monday, 20 February 2012

Night Out Clubbing

First of all, excuse my recent disappearance. I've been busy with college and was pretty much hungover throughout Sunday.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I like to do a bit of pick-up here and there. There are a group of three guys on Youtube that make videos centered around pick-up. SimplePickup is the name of their channel and they recently opened up their own forum. I decided to check it out the first day it was up and I stumbled across the sub-forum titled 'Find a Wingman'. Now I've only been out sarging with one of my mates from school, but up until recently, he hasn't been able to hang out during the late hours of the night. So I started up a thread on the forum. To my surprise, a lot of guys posted. And there we were organising our first meetup on a Saturday.

At first, there were about two solid people coming. However, on Friday night and Saturday morning, I was hit with a few private messages from guys that were interested in tagging along. After my business seminar, my phone was going off like crazy from the guys looking to meetup. I get around to the spot just after 5pm and I meet up with two other guys. We decide to start warming up while we wait for the others. One of the guys decides to go first. He approaches a woman from behind. And to his surprise, she turns out to be old. He briefly changes his initial statement and asks her if she was someone he knew. We walk up another floor and I spot two girls leaning up against a railing. I approach.

Establish eye contact.
Give a bright smile.
"Hey guys. I just got into an argument with my friend over there and I wanted to get a female's opinion on something. Who do you think lie more - men or women?"

They replied and that was when I noticed their heavy accents. I asked where they were from and they told me they were from Chile. Not bad looking. I bid adieu and meet up with the others. Another phone call and we find ourselves waiting for three others. It was funny. Such a big group. Like a flash mob.

We decide to head off to Darling Harbor (Australian readers should know this place) and this is where I spot a cute two-set sitting down by the water. I approach.

Walk around in front of them.
Make eye contact and smile.
"Hey guys, [proceeds into opinion opener]"
They give their response and we start talking for a bit.
Then one of the guys from the group starts walking up and says a surprisingly good one-liner.
"The wingman is here!"

They gave out a laugh and we continued talking some more. I'll admit, the way my wingman came in was executed perfectly. My wingman tells them that we had to get going and that they should give us their numbers. Only one of them decided to give out their number. We grabbed that and headed off to meet with the others. A few congratulations from the rest of the group and we're off to the Darling Harbor bridge. One of the guys spots a three-set walking in the opposite direction. He walks up and opens. Instead of stopping them, he decides to walk alongside them. A few minutes go by and he's out of our sight. If he didn't get a number, we were going to be disappointed. He returns and we ask him what happened. Apparently his target was already in a relationship and thus he was rejected. It was all good though. After that we went off and grabbed some dinner.

After a quick feed, we head off to the inner city. And this is where it starts to get interesting. We start opening sets left, right and center. One of them opened a (very) hot Chinese girl. After what seemed like 15 minutes, he walks out with a number as she heads off to meet up with a friend. Another person from our group opens up an Asian girl sitting down by herself. This turned out to be a long one. Almost 20 minutes. Sadly, he wasn't able to get a number.

We decide the current location was getting a bit dead so we walk around for an hour or so until the clubs start opening up. Star Bar was the first place we hit up. It wasn't out type of venue seeing as there were mostly guys. We left and headed in a place called Pavillion right across from Star Bar. This was pretty interesting. One of use opened a six-set sitting down around a table. He seemed to handle himself well considering the music was blaring. Me and another guy walk out on the dance floor to have a bit of fun. I notice two girls dancing behind me. I slip my arm around her waist and (sort of) shout into her ear.

"Where's your dates?"
She points to her friend as we continue dancing. A bit more talking and then I hear a sound coming from somewhere. We were standing next to the smoke hose and next thing I know, we're surrounded in smoke. We can't see shit. The smoke clears up and the girls run off laughing to go grab a drink. We give up and decide to head out on to the streets. Upon walking around the train station mall, we spot a group of girls sitting outside. They looked a bit intoxicated. My wingman approaches and puts his hands out in a hi-5 motion. They reciprocate. In a good way too. I jump in.

"What's the occasion?"
"Friend's 18th [whooo]"
"Oh really? Who's 18th?"
An cute Asian next to her puts her hands in the air and shouts "Miiinnne".

She made me laugh and immediately grabs my interest. I ask her where they're headed off to and a bit more conversational fluff. As they're about to leave, I say:

"Before you guys head off, let me give you a birthday present."
I hug her for a few seconds and kiss her on the cheeks. Left cheek. Right cheek. Now I'm about to lean in for the kiss on the lips. As this is about to happen, her Blonde friend decides to come in a pull her away jokingly... COCK-BLOCKED! All fun and games though. We grab a bottle of Smirnoff and head off to Darling Harbor yet again. A grab a seat next to the water and we notice three of our guys are missing. We look around and realise they weren't actually missing. They had just approached a group of six girls sitting down. I could swear they were talking to them for a good 30-40 minutes. I believe they walked out with a few numbers. At this point, the buzz from the Smirnoff makes my memory a bit hazy. But I do recall grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. And then doing some more sarging.

[A lot of shit happens for the next few hours which I'm too lazy to write about]

The time is 3:30am and I'm tired as hell. There's only two of us now. My main wing and I. Luckily enough, he's catching the same bus as me. And he looks after me while I doze off to sleep on the steps nearby the bus area. He wakes me up and we get on the bus. Then I get my one last good look of the night. A perfect 10/10 Asian at the front of the bus. She was fine as hell. I'm just way too tired to do anything though. And the thought of the people on the packed bus hearing the conversation seemed to scare me. My wing wakes me up and tells me not to fall asleep and miss my stop. He laughs as he walks off the bus. Then it was just me. Of course, I fell asleep. I wake up and look outside. I just missed my stop. Fuuuuu-. I ran up to the front and request for the bus driver to let me off. And so he did.

Streets were dead at this point. Not a single being or car in sight. Another 10 minutes of walking and I'm home. Home. At last. Good night... Good night it was.

There may be a few mistakes in this post. I wrote it on a whim.

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